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Finance can be arranged throughout the asset conversion cycle, from initial sales contract right through to final settlement

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International trade is laden with hazards that generate risks. How do these impact your business.

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Why Avant

Avant Trade Solutions was created in recognition of the challenges both small and medium sized companies face in a continuously evolving global trade environment.

The demand for transparent and consistent risk management and finance solutions remains strong however is out of reach to many but the largest and more established players. Finding the right partner, navigating through the various trade finance product offerings and deciding which is the optimal structure ⁄ solution can be a frustrating and convoluted process.

The team at Avant has been working with Trade Finance for over 30 years in the Asian, European, Oceanic, MENA and American markets.

Avant specialises in understanding the needs of its customers and providing real solutions designed to ensure its customers stay ahead of the curve.

Case Studies

Case A: Lost control of goods & payment

A Tallow seller ships to a main port in Asia under a Letter of Credit (LC).

The documents are cleared by the Negotiating bank and payment is made to the seller (with recourse).

Buyer clears goods without Bill of Lading and tests Tallow.

Buyer then refuses to pay claiming dispute in ratio specification.

The Tallow is locked in buyers warehouse and unattainable.

We solved this.

Case B: LC structure is critical

A Nordic exporter sells goods into MENA under an LC.

The LC terms are agreed.

Exporter manufactures machinery over 90 day period.

Presents documents to the bank for negotiation and payment.

Bank informs Exporter that LC conditions state payment is subject to buyer approval.

Buyer does not agree to pay for a further 90 days.

We restructured the process to prevent this.

Service Overview


Avant advisory is a professional service that works with organisations involved with Export and Imports. Avant works with customers to understand key business drivers, develop solutions and create structures that best optimise the working capital cycle. Avant does all this while ensuring payment and product risk is maintained at the highest standard.

Finance Solutions

Do you need capital to fund your manufacturing, sales or other operational activities? Avant can work with you to identify and meet your specific capital needs, through our partnerships and contacts we can help you to secure the right financing on terms that meet and optimise your objectives.


In today’s global trade environment there are many suppliers of digital trade solutions. The challenge is understanding who the providers are, what capabilities they provide and which providers are best suited to meet the needs of an individual business. Avant will help you select and integrate the right providers with the right solution for your business.


An organisations people are fundamental to its success. Trade finance is a complex environment, with many products, rules and regulation, that if not properly understood could be costly for business. Avant works with organisations to tailor solutions to ensure staff understand the products, the risks and negotiate the best outcome for the business.


We work with a network of financial institutions, insurers and brokers to deliver mutually beneficial solutions for our customers. Contact us to understand more about how we could potentially work together.


We Are


Chris Hyde

CEO / Co-Founder

+46 (0)73 694 31 24

Co-Founder of Avant Trade Solutions, an expert on structuring Trade finance solutions both on and off balance sheet, risk management and working capital solutions. Chris has over 26 years experience working with one of the largest Trade banks in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Sub-Continent, with hands on experience in Trade Finance, Commodity Finance, Treasury, Funds Management and Project Finance.

Chris is an experienced Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Commodity Risk Management, Sales, Team Building, Organizational Leadership, and Treasury. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Bachelor's Degree focused in Corporate Management from NSW University Australia and also holds a Diploma in Export Management from the Australian Institute of Exporters and a Diploma in Corporate Finance from Deakin University Melbourne.

Chris is a Board member of the Australian Sweden business council and a member of Stockholm International Rotary Club.


Jaime Gimeno


+46 (0)76 040 19 73

Co-founder of Avant Trade Solutions, a proven expert in digitization with over 20 years’ experience within the financial services industry. Working closely with customers to understand their needs, Jaime has a solid track record of leading initiatives and exceeding expectations.

Jaime’s experience traverses both business and IT, leading projects geared towards process improvement, digitization and automation in both large organisational and start-up environments. With proven skills in Product, Business Analysis and Project management in both waterfall and agile environments.

The past few years have been spent at the forefront of Trade Finance digitization in the Nordics, working with and on boarding some of the largest corporates in the region and over 26 financial institutions. Jaime holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics & Finance from the University of Western Sydney.

Proud members of the SCC



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